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Posted: fynjy Date: 29-Jan-2019
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Allied Universal

This latest edition of Effective Security Management retains the qualities that made the previous editions a standard of the profession: a readable, comprehensive guide to the planning, staffing, and operation of the security function within an organization. Already the largest contract security company in the world, Allied Universal's employee count is estimated to be 210,000 with the acquisition. Security & Associates for approximately $1 billion according to The Wall Street Journal. More details on the acquisition here When I saw the news I couldn't help but think about the thousands of small businesses that compete with the largest security companies in the world.. How does it effect the local companies when the biggest companies in the world keep getting bigger? How can a company with 100 employees compete with an international powerhouse with seemingly endless resources and a willingness to bid jobs at insanely low rates? In today's article we unpack seven strategies to help you hone your ability to compete with the largest security companies in the world. In short, your ability to compete will come down to relationships, service, and the ability to prove value and justify a higher cost. Winning the hearts (and dollars) of your prospective customers is all about effective storytelling.

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Job Listings at Allied Universal

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Allied universal edge
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